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  • timestyle tesponsive theme with right
  • timestyle tesponsive theme with right
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  • Timestyle Responsive theme with right sidebar for skadate v  1.8

    * Responsive Header Image - you could display large header image instead of header logo if you want.
    * Responsive Transparent Background Image - You could display large header image with header logo or use it in background without header logo.
    * Responsive Sign in page background image, can make a small image large to fit on display and can make a large image small to fit on any screen size.

    * Newsfeed - A fresh and unique design for newsfeed, will show single column on under 1024x768 screen and will show 2 column on above screen size.
    * Mailbox - Re-designed mailbox (message) section, fresh look.
    * Fully Responsive - works with most of all mobile, tablets, laptops and on large screens too.
    * Unique menu design built with simple icon fonts with css transaction- fresh for oxwall.
    * Responsive menu - you could use as much menu as much you want, works on mobile and tablets too.
    * Menu items with icons - added around 100s of most usable oxwall menu items including, movie role, shop pro, music extreme, questions and more. it means you not need to worry about extra menu items or their icons.
    * User image on console - auto update with user profile image.
    * You could use the theme with header image or without header image, with background image or with background image, will not disturb user interface.

    * 4 logos, 1st one is 200x60 on header console,
    2nd one is for mobile 60x60,
    3rd one is responsive header logo support any width x height under the site panel (optional if you want to use).
    4th one 200x60 is just for sign in page.
    (all logos can be small or large according to use)

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  • * Support - I am fully responsible for any issue, (please note that support doesn't mean customization), i could hell you little but not much, just guide you for extra customization.

    * Please Note - theme is build using default skadate plugins and not tested with any 3rd party plugin so no guarantee to work with any 3rd party plugin, but if needed then you'll get full support to make your 3rd party plugin work with theme.

    * PayPal dispute - A dispute couldn't be a solution for anything, so if you have any issue them please contact me first and will do anything if i will fail to solve your issue. and Sorry but if you'll open a paypal dispute without contact me or for any reason, your license will remove instantly and will not give you more download and support.